1985 XVI CIOFF® World Congress in Tallinn

1987 I Baltica in Lithuania

1988 II Baltica in Latvia

1988 Founding of Estonian Folklore Society

1989 III Baltica in Estonia, founding of the folklore association Baltica in Latvia

1990 Admission of the Folklore Association Baltica as an associated member of CIOFF® at XXI World Congress in Canada

1991 Admission of independent Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania into CIOFF® as full members at XXII CIOFF® World Congress in Israel

1992 Founding of the Estonian Folklore Council (National Section of CIOFF®)

1993 Estonian Ministry of Culture and Education acknowledged EFC as enfranchised national and international organisation that represents Estonia in CIOFF® and guides, coordinates and manages folklore in Estonia

1997 Estonian Ministry of Culture ascribed EFC status of central organisation, Estonian National Folklore Council started with theme-years

1999 Ministry of Culture started giving annual activity support to EFC

2000 Establishing of the Traditional Culture Award

2002 Founding of CIOFF® Estonian Youth Commission

2003 Compiling of development plan for years 2003-2007

2005 Estonian Cultural Endowment started giving annual activity support to EFC

2006 Signing the Contract with Estonian Ministry of Education and Science

2007 Compiling a development plan for years 2008-2011, signing the Contract with Estonian Folk Culture Centre, employing of specialist in studies

2008 Association of Estonian Folklore Society and Estonian Folklore Council, founding of Training Centre of EFC

2009 Employing of children and youth work coordinator

2011 Estonian Qualifications Authority gave the rights to CIOFF® Estonia to be as an awarding body of professional certificate of Specialist in Traditional Culture