Estonian Folklore Council is a non-governmental organization, set up on an interdisciplinary basis and acts as the roof-organization for all institutions, which are practically, organizationally and scientifically engaged in folk culture, folk art and the cultural heritage and function in accordance with the aims of the Council – to safeguard, transmit and diffuse of traditional culture.
The Estonian Folklore Council (EFC) was founded in 1992. EFC represent Estonian Republic in the International Council of Organizations for Folklore Festivals and Folk Art (CIOFF® – NGO in formal consultative relations with UNESCO) in the rights of the Estonian National Section (CIOFF® Estonia) and belongs in the Northern-European Sector of CIOFF®. EFC is fully acknowledged by the Ministry of Culture of Estonia.

The main objectives of EFC are:

  • to support, direct and mediate national and international cooperation in the sphere of folklore movement;
  • to maintain, revive and develop national and regional cultural traditions;
  • to transmit of cultural heritage to children and youth;
  • to appraise the role of folklore in the present-day culture;
  • to create understanding and tolerance between the various peoples of the world;
  • to bring together scientific and practical knowledge;
  • to consult folklore groups and festival organizers;
  • to participate in CIOFF® and UNESCO programs;
  • to organize the CIOFF® International Folklore Festival BALTICA in Estonia.