Animated Cartoon about the World Creation

Since 1999, CIOFF® Estonia has named years after different themes. This is a good way to handle some topics of traditional culture more closely and to get public attention on these. Year 2012 was announced as „Creation“ because of different anniversaries that are celebrated during the year: 20 years of CIOFF® Estonia, 10 years of CIOFF® Youth Estonia and 25 years of International Folklore Festival Baltica.

Besides all these events, theme year turns attention to creative activities – it is important to create ties with local heritage, to find new outputs in traditional culture through different initiatives and to use creatively our rich cultural heritage (improvisation in tradition). This all will help to diversify the field, to engage new target groups and to intensify the consciousness of traditional culture.

In the frame of this year, CIOFF® Youth Estonia has produced an animated cartoon about narrative
song „Creation“, which dates back almost 2000 years, and is based on the belief that the world was sprung up from a bird’s egg. This kind of thinking is common for many nations, including to ancient BalticFinnic people.

The animation with English subtitles: